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8月4日(金)16:00-18:30 基調講演


The early care and education of deaf children and their caregivers in Ghana

Professor Ruth Swanwick - School of Education, University of Leeds, UK 
Dr Daniel Fobi - University of Education, Winneba, Ghana
Richard Doku - Ghana National Association of the Deaf 


This paper describes a UK-Ghana collaborative research project that investigates the early care and education (ECE) for young deaf children and their caregivers in Ghana. The project is funded by the British Academy’s Early Childhood Education Programme, supported through the Global Challenges Research Fund. The aim of the project is to develop critical understandings of the social and resource contexts of young deaf children and their caregivers in Ghana, to inform the development of contextually sensitive approaches to early care and support.

The paper describes the research context and the ways in which the research team are working with families of deaf children, education and health practitioners, and deaf communities in Ghana, to investigate the contextual and social understandings of childhood deafness and responsive caregiving. 

What we have learned from the examination of the proximal and distal influences on early support is explained, and how these findings might shape the development of ECE that integrates with indigenous practices and knowledge is discussed. 

Specific attention is given to the role of deaf adults in ECE in this context, focusing on the language and communication repertoires that deaf adults bring to this role and the potential use of video-based multilingual and multimodal resources to support language and communication development, deaf awareness, as well as assessment and education.

We suggest ways in which deaf mentors can work with families and encourage them to engage with their deaf children in meaningful interactions to facilitate their overall development. We also highlight the importance of deaf leaders who can work in partnership with education and health practitioners to motivate families and serve as language and communication role models.


Professor Ruth Swanwick

Ruth Swanwick is Professor of Deaf Education at Leeds University in the School of Education where she leads the deaf education research and teaches on the MA in Deaf Education/Teacher of the Deaf Programme. She researches childhood deafness, language, and learning, inclusive and bilingual education, and teacher development. Her area of specialism is deaf children’s multilingual communication and language learning, and the development of pedagogies and practitioner understanding. She was awarded British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship to develop a plurilingual language framework for deaf education. Recent projects have focused on the linguistic and cultural experiences of deaf children of Roma families in the UK, deaf children’s multilingualism, and the daily life interactions between deaf and hearing people. She is currently leading the British Academy Global Challenges Research Funded project that seeks to examine early education for young deaf children and their caregivers in Ghana. 



Dr Daniel Fobi

Daniel Fobi is a lecturer in deaf education and inclusive education, sign language interpreter and graduate programmes coordinator at the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana. He is also a visiting research fellow in School of Education, University of Leeds. Dani has worked as a project officer for a British Academy Global Challenges Research Funded research on ‘Early education for young deaf children and their caregivers in Ghana’, which was a collaboration between the University of Leeds, UK and the University of Education, Winneba. His research interests are in early education for deaf children, inclusion for special needs individuals in various contexts, and sign language interpreting. Dani is currently working to support scholarship in sub-Saharan African and building the academic and research capacity of researchers of the region by providing mentorship and professional development training to teachers. 



Richard Doku

Richard Doku holds Bachelor degree in Special Education from the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Ghana. He is deaf and a mathematics teacher, and the sign language project officer with the Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD). Richard’s experience as a deaf teacher and many years of working with the GNAD led to his role as Research Assistant in a British Academy Global Challenges Research Funded research on Early education for young deaf children and their caregivers in Ghana which is a collaboration between the University of Leeds, UK and UEW. His research interests are in deaf leadership and early education for deaf children. He is currently a final year Master of Philosophy in Special Education student. He hopes to build his research network with academics across the globe to support early education for deaf children in Ghana (particular).

Contact information:



ルース・スワンウィック教授 リーズ大学教育学部 (UK) 
ダニエル・フォビ博士 ウィネバ教育大学(ガーナ)
リチャード・ドク氏 ガーナ国立ろう協会


本発表では、ガーナにおけるろう児とその養育者のための早期ケア・教育(ECE)を調査する英国・ ガーナ共同研究プロジェクトについて説明する。このプロジェクトは、グローバル・チャレンジ研究基金 の支援を受けて、英国アカデミーの幼児教育プログラムから資金援助を受けている。このプロジェクトの目的は、ガーナのろう児とその養育者の社会的・資源的背景について批判的な理解を深め、早期ケアとサポートに対するコンテクストに充分配慮したアプローチの開発に役立てることである。










Ruth Swanwick 博士 


Dr. Daniel Fobi

Richard Doku

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